Orange Chocolate Latte


Okay, it’s not really a latte because I don’t have a steamer (one day) but it’s close.  Justin and I have a winter season tradition where we visit a bunch cocoa hot spots.  This “latte” or “coffeecoa” as Justin likes to call them was inspired by a recent trip to Jacques Torres.  His was just an Orange Hot Chocolate but I can’t resist adding the delicious wonder that is coffee to many a beverage.

Justin bought two of these mugs from a random store in New York.  I swear we’re adults…I’m lying.


1 cup espresso or strong coffee
3/4 cup skim milk
1 tbsp dark chocolate chips
1 tsp cocoa powder
zest from one medium orange

Make your coffee.  I use a Moka Pot, I fully recommend it.


While your coffee is brewing heat your milk and chocolate over lowest heat possible.  You want to still be able to touch your vessel.


I add cocoa powder to the mixture instead of just adding more chips to boost the chocolate flavor without adding more sugar or fat.


Zest your orange and add it to your milk mixture.  It seems like a lot of orange and it is, it’s delicious!  You were just going to throw it out anyway.


When your chocolate and powder is integrated pull your mixture off the heat and whip in any way you have available to you.  Some people put it in a jar and shake like maniacs, some people buy fancy milk frothing unitaskers, I use a cheap immersion blender and it suits me just fine.


Pour your coffee into your mug, the more childish the better.  Is that a jumbo princess pen in the background, of course it is.  Why, don’t you have one?  Follow with your milk, reserving your foam.  While this is certainly not the correct way to pour a latte foam it works for my purposes and when I get my own spiffy espresso machine with a steam wand I too, will learn how to make superfluous latte art.


Top with any random bits of orange zest you can find if you so desire and enjoy.



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