Potato Egg Hash


Justin and I made eggs for Easter.  Well actually we made eggs 3 weeks before Easter because neither of us could remember when Easter was and we though fuck it, we want eggs now.  But then we made them and realized neither of us ever eat hard boiled eggs so I had to come up with some recipes.  This is one of them…obviously.

2 potatoes (russet, 1 inch cubes-ish)
1 small onion (sliced thin or diced)
1 carrot (1 inch cubes-ish)
2 garlic cloves (diced)
2 eggs (hard boiled)
2 strips bacon
salt, pepper to taste
parsley garnish

Put a pot of water on the stove to boil.

Make your bacon.  I feel like so many of my recipes start with this phrase.  It’s not even that I like bacon that much it’s just turkey bacon is such a cheap, easy, low calorie form of protein.  It’s hard to say no to, unless you’re vegetarian, which I guess would make it pretty easy.


While your bacon is doing its thing, prep your veggies.  It doesn’t matter how large you cut them just make them all relatively the same size.  As far as the onions go I love slicing them thin like this in because I don’t want them to disappear in the dish.


When your bacon is done remove it to a paper towel and add your onion.  If you have someone in your household who claims they hate onions try cooking them a little longer.  They probably just dislike raw onions.  You don’t have to go all the way and caramelize them because that usually takes minimum 30 minutes, just give them a good color.  And lightly salt as soon as you add them to the pan to leach out the moisture quicker.


When your water has reached a boil add your carrot and potato.  Since peppers cook a lot faster and you can get away with them being a little more raw in a dish, don’t add them to the water.  How long you boil your carrot and potato for will depend on how large you cut them.

Keep an eye on your onion but turn your attention to your eggs.  Smile away you ignorant bastards, soon you will be no longer.


Break your egg shell by lightly cracking it and rolling it.  Surrender before the power of the mighty Justin hand you pathetic shell of a chicken!


Then peel.  Sorry buddy, maybe you shouldn’t have been born an egg.  Well I guess you weren’t born an egg…maybe I shouldn’t be anthropomorphizing my food.  Peel your damn egg.


So if you read the directions you saw I told you to put the carrot and potato in your boiling water.  You want to parboil the carrot and potato.  This is what mine look like when I take them out of the water.  How long it takes you to get to this point will depend on how large you cut them.


Add the carrot and potato to your onion along with the raw pepper and garlic.  Cook until the potato and carrot are where you want them.  The pepper should be cooked nicely by the time the potato and carrot are finished.  Salt and pepper to taste.

I didn’t add any oil to this dish because there was enough fat from my bacon.  But it will completely depend on your cooking implement and the amount of fat in your bacon or if you even decide to use it.  Or if you even make the dish at all, who am I kidding.


When your veggies are cooked add your eggs and chopped bacon and gently toss around.


The egg will break apart and coat the veggies adding a nice creaminess.  If you don’t want this then crumble the egg after you serve the dish.


Sprinkle with a garnish or don’t.  But do enjoy it ’cause it’s delicious.



4 thoughts on “Potato Egg Hash

  1. You hardboiled eggs are adorable! We had a similar problem — we hardboiled 3 dozen eggs at my parent’s house, but there’s no way the two of them could eat that many! My brother lives in a tiny dorm room with a minuscule fridge, so he couldn’t take any. Which left me, the girl who never eats eggs, with 1.5 dozen!

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