About Us

We live in New York City, this is the collection of the food we make in Our Studio Kitchen.

Hey!  I’m Jenn and my partner’s name is Justin.  I do most of the cooking/baking, but Justin does most of the eating so I figured I would include him in this.

Most of the food I make is lower calorie because I like to eat more of it and that’s just how I roll.  Also I’m of the mind pretty much anyone can make something high calorie taste good so I like to challenge myself by taking typically higher calorie foods and making them something you can happily gorge yourself on.  🙂

This isn’t one of those blogs that calculates how much things cost or how many calories there are per serving because I can’t remember the last time I portioned out a serving for myself.  I’m a normal person–I eat until I’m full.  Also, thinking about doing all that math gives me a headache.  Not that I’m stupid, I’m just lazy, and I get headaches easily.

I didn’t start this blog with the best intentions.  It wasn’t so much to share recipes with random individuals on the internet, it was to learn more about my kitchen skills and like everyone else with a DSLR, I fancy myself a photographer and taking pictures of food is fun.



25 thoughts on “About Us

  1. You are really lucky to leave in New York City! Your Blog is so nice! Thank you very much for following me. I follow back! If you are interested you can also visit my Facebook page fb.com/frenchgirlcuisine, my twitter profil @frgirlcuisine or my Pinterest boards!

  2. Hi, love your blog! Very inspiring! I don’t know if you have already been nominated, but I just nominated you for the Liebster Award. Thanks for the cooking ideas and inspiration!

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