Going Legit!

I finally decided to buy my domain and go legit with this.  But hey, guess what?  It’s ridonculously hard.  Especially if you don’t want to pay someone to do it for you and you know nothing about code.  So, while I go teach myself code (shut up, for real, I am), bare with me if the site starts looking like shit.  It will hopefully only be temporary.  Hopefully.

Catch you on the legit side!


Roasted Tomatillo Pepper Salsa


Justin likes to call posts like this my “Night Time Cooking Series.”  AKA my “Shit Light Set Up Series.”  I usually get the desire to bake or cook at about 10 or 11 at night.  That’s usually when the sun has long stopped being out and I’m too lazy to get out my umbrella light.  But not too lazy to make a batch of granola, banana bread, and salsa.  I know, I’m weird.

Anyway, tomatillos are in abundance at the farmer’s market so Justin has been bringing them home every weekend.  I had never made tomatillo salsa before this summer and now I love the stuff.  I put peppers in it because I have a hard time not putting peppers in things.

I like to keep this salsa really simple because the tomatillo has such a unique and complex flavor that you don’t want to mask.  At least I don’t.  There are other recipes that put coriander and cumin and green onion and chili peppers and oregano and other such nonsense in their salsas.  This salsa is about honoring the flavor of the tomatillo.


5 Tomatillos (broiled)
2 medium peppers (broiled, I’m using 3 small)
1/2 lime (juice)
1/2 red onion (broiled)
1 garlic clove (broiled)
1 tbsp cilantro (dried)
salt to taste


1 Jalapeno or 1 serrano (broiled)

Turn on your broiler.  You can either broil these, roast them in the oven, or roast them on the stove top.  Some recipes tell you to boil the tomatillo, I wouldn’t do this.  You’re going to lose a lot of your flavor in the water that way and it mellows the flavor of the tomatillo.

Why would you do that?

You can also do everything raw, but roasting unlocks a depth of flavor that you wouldn’t experience otherwise.  Up to you.  Sometimes I have my red salsas raw, but a tomatillo is special, you should treat it as such.  If you do decide to have it raw, the salsa will be a lot more citrusy and you may want to forego the lime juice.


Remove the husk from your tomatillos and wash.  Cut them in half along with your peppers.  Leave your garlic clove intact.

The purple peppers you see in the background, while they look fancy are nothing that special.  Their taste is similar to that of a green pepper and when they cook they turn an off white color.  Still, they’re pretty and fun to use from time to time.  If you get one that’s a merlot color then that will taste more like a red pepper.

While you may be tempted to be fancy and get a red or yellow pepper think about it before you do.  Tomatillos are sweet on their own and a red pepper is sweet.  If you want a very sweet salsa then this may be a good choice for you.  But the slight bitterness of an unripe pepper (read green or light purple in this case) helps to balance out that sweetness.


Put everything cut side down on a baking sheet cut side down.  No need to oil.  You can lightly salt here.


Broil for 5-8 minutes, I think I was 7 minutes here.  If you have a lot of numminess stuck on the bottom of your pan you can add your lime juice here to help remove it.  Salting before you broil will help avoid that though because the peppers and tomatillo will release a little bit more water.  Make sure you add this water loss into your blender later.


Place in a bowl and cover for a couple minutes to let the steam work it’s magic and loosen the skin a bit.


Add the juice of 1/2 a lime to your blender or processor along with your cilantro.

If you don’t like the taste of cilantro consider trying dried cilantro.  I find fresh cilantro a little over powering in most dishes but I don’t feel that way with dried.  So maybe it’s something you would like if you find yourself hating things with cilantro.


Peel your garlic.  Add everything to your blender or food processor and blend.  Don’t worry about removing all the charred parts.  They give the salsa a subtle smokey flavor that balances out the acidic nature of the tomatillo.  If you’re worried about cancer then I guess remove the charred parts, but guess what, reading this post is giving you cancer, breathing gives you cancer.  Wake up and live your life and eat the damn charred parts of your tomatillos.  Even if they kill you’ll have died of something else long before…

Decide how smooth or chunky you want it to be.


Salt to taste and enjoy.  If you want it with some spice add a jalapeno or serrano pepper in with your broiling.  While I love spicy salsas I feel the sweet, sour flavor of the tomatillo lends itself better to a non spicy salsa.


A(nother) Liebster Award


The wonderful Chef Janet Rorschach nominated me for my second Leibster award a while back and I kind of dropped the award ball.  Then  Pocketful of Sugar nominated me for the Super Sweet Bloggers Award and it reminded me I should get back on it.  So here I am, getting on it.  I still have 1,000 or so people to nominate.  I’m exaggerating of course it’s more like 20 or 30, but still that’s a lot especially when I try and not nominate people who have just been nominated.  But then I try and go through the Freshly Pressed section and it’s filled with posts of people who just copy and paste recipes from other websites with no other thought put into it.  I’m sorry you don’t get an internet award for that.  Maybe I’m stingy.  On to the award.

The Liebster Award Rules:

1) Post 11 things about yourself.
2) Answer the questions that your nominator posted for you.
3) Create 11 questions and nominate 11 up and coming blogs and link them in the post.
4) Go to their page and tell them.

11 Things about me:

  1. I am wearing a dragon onesie right now and that makes me super awesome.
  2. I am very hungry right now but can’t motivate myself to make food so I’m stuffing myself with triscuits.
  3. I live in a studio apartment, but you should kind of know that already.
  4. I met Brian Posehn yesterday, he seemed cool.
  5. I wear hats constantly.  Not because I hate my hair I’m just deathly afraid of earworms.  Hats are the melodies’ only weakness.
  6. My cat is an asshole.
  7. Someone once asked me to show my boobies and cooter to Tom Hooper.  I told them unless they slipped and meant Quentin Tarantino then I politely refuse.
  8. Were you aware Eric Bana is a talented actor?  Because I’m not.
  9. Spencer Tracy and Colin Hay own very large pieces of my heart.
  10. My favorite book is Of Human Bondage.
  11. I’m referred to as a gamine so much that it’s become one of the ways I describe myself, it kind of makes me feel like a douche but it saves me the trouble of having to have the conversation with people.  “You know who you remind me of?”  “Yes, every gamine-like individual that has ever existed ever.”

Answers to Chef Janet Rörschåch‘s questions:

  1. What was the last thing that touched your heart?
    5 years ago I had open heart surgery.  So I would say my cardiac surgeon’s hands.  
  2. What is the one characteristic you most admire in others?
    Any that’s most similar to that of my own.  
  3. What is your relationship with toast?
    We’re no longer on speaking terms.
  4. Really. Cake or death?
    “Death please…no cake, cake!”
  5. Vegan or Carnivore?
  6. Braise or sous vide?
    I don’t speak Spanish.  
  7. What’s the one thing you wish you would do everyday for the rest of your life?
    Make a million dollars.
  8. What song do you play to cheer you up?
    Horses by Patti Smith.
  9. What do you collect?
    The tears of my foes.  
  10. Where is the one place in the world you would like to visit?
    Ask me that when I have money to go anywhere.  
  11. Wine, beer, or another kind of alcohol?
    Bitters straight up.  I like to regret my decisions as soon as I make them.    

My 11 questions to the universe:

  1. Porn star name?  Usually you do your first pet name and first street you lived on.  
  2. You are a music icon, what music do you sing? 
  3. You are an alien from a distant planet–what is your name and what planet do you hail from?
  4. Astronaut or caveman–who wins?  No, the astronaut doesn’t have fancy laser beams and the caveman doesn’t have a club.
  5. You are an evil genius, where is your secret lair?
  6. What do you have protecting said lair?
  7. Who is your superhero nemesis?
  8. If you could spend one night in bed with any historical figure who would it be? For those of you all lovey dovey with their significant other you can change this to “have to.”
  9. You can only eat one food item or recipe for the rest of your life (it magically gives you all your necessary nutritional content), what is your dish?
  10. You suddenly go color blind but it’s a special color blind, one that allows you to only see one color and all its shades, what color do you see?
  11. You can only listen to one record for the rest of your life, what is your album?

My nominees:

I’m still working on the nominees for my other Leibster award…I suck I know.

Super Sweet Bloggers Award

Super Sweet Bloggers

I was just nominated for another award by Kaitie at Pocketful of Sugar who was nominated by Amy at Pass the Mixing Bowl.

I kind of avoid these things because they feel sort of chain-lettery and you have to catch me in a really good mood to feel like answering a bunch of random questions for internet strangers.  That’s not to say I’m in a particularly good mood right now, it’s just I don’t feel like doing what I should be.

Okay so there are rules for this thing and here they are:

  1. Visit and thank the blogger(s) who nominated you.  (I will survive if you don’t thank me, but I will also mentally note that you’re an asshole–I’m kidding, maybe I really am not in the best of moods to be doing this.)
  2. Acknowledge that blogger on your blog and link back.
  3. Answer the “Super Sweet” questions.
  4. Nominate a “Baker’s Dozen” (13) blogs for the award, add a link to their blogs in your post, and notify them on their blogs.
  5. Copy and paste the award on your blog somewhere

So now its time for Rule #3, the “Super Sweet” questions:

1. Cookies or Cake?  Not a huge fan of either.  Shocker for someone who has a baking blog.  I am an enigma.

2. Chocolate or Vanilla?  No preference.

3. What is your favorite sweet treat?  Don’t really have one.  Lattes are nice, only if they’re not too sugary though.  This is an exciting questionnaire I’m providing you isn’t it?

4. When do you crave sweet things the most?  I don’t.

5. If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be? Bitters McNally.  I was the first female sheriff of the wild west and would frequent my local bar drinking bitters on the rocks to quell the stresses of being a female in a exclusively male world.  I was a good and proud sheriff, jailing more criminals than any other sheriffs in the surrounding areas but the years of constant torment wore on me.  One day a charming, traveling cartographer by the name of Rand McNally came through my town and I saw my way out.  I relinquished by badge and joined Mr. McNally and we traveled across the U.S. of A. discovering parts unknown eventually settling down and opening up a successful printing shop.

Here are my “Baker’s Dozen” (13) nominees:

My nominees list is a work in progress.

Dinner of Herbs
Getrealgurls Nutrition
Tall, Short, and Tiny

Liebster Award


andmorefood decided to give me the Liebster Award, which is an award given to promising, new bloggers with under 200 followers.  So, thank you andmorefood!

Here are the rules for the award:

1.  Post eleven facts about yourself.
2.  Answer the questions the tagger has set for you and create eleven questions for people you’ve nominated.
3.  Choose eleven people (with fewer than 200 followers) to give this award to and link them in your post.
4.  Go to their page and tell them.
5.  Remember, no tag backs.

11 facts about myself (not gonna lie I got lazy with this because I answered andmorefood’s questions first):

1.  I live in New York City.
2.  I live with a guy.
3.  And a cat.
4.  His name is Justin.
5.  Her name is Lucy.
6.  He is currently sitting next to me.
7.  So is she.
8.  I am hungry right now.
9.  And thirsty.
10.  My favorite show is Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
11. I am in love with Tilda Swinton.

Questions from andmorefood:

1. What would you keep as a heirloom recipe/technique?

I’m guessing the question is asking what would you pass down?  I don’t really have any recipes that were passed down to me.  I’m still very young in my baking/cooking skills, but at this point in time my granola and banana bread recipes are what I’m most proud.  It’s hard to say “heirloom” recipe because I feel in this day and age everything has already been done, so nothing is truly your own.  It’s all a collection of things other people have already picked up along the way and you just happened to stumble upon.

2. How would you like to be remembered – or for what would you like to be remembered?

Being fulfilled.

3. What’s your favorite regional cuisine – and what would you recommend?

Sushi and Indian are probably my go to categories.  I love Saag, Vindaloo, Eel w/ avocado, Tuna w/ mango, Spicy Salmon.  When I go out to eat it’s usually for things I can’t “easily” make at home.

4. What’s your oldest food memory?

I pretty much cut my index finger off because I wanted an apple and my dad was watching Star Trek: TNG.  He kept forgetting I wanted an apple so I finally took matters into my own hands.  I had never used a knife before and in my child mind reasoned the largest would be the easiest to cut with, well it certainly was.  It went right through the apple, cutting through the nerve and tendon, hitting the bone.  The biggest disappointment of the day was getting home from the ER several hours later, starving, only to find my apple had dried out and browned on me.  Despite the trauma of that day it didn’t manage to sway my love for apples or Mr. Patrick Stewart.

5. What’s the most recent technique you’ve learnt – in cooking or whatever hobby you have?

I made eclairs for the first time on New Year’s.  They came out perfectly.  I followed this recipe.

6. Where is your dream destination (budget aside)?

France.  I love bread, I hear they do good bread.

7. If you left only one thing for your children, what would it be?

Good thing I don’t have children.  If I did though I would leave them a survival guide such as this, because I imagine I would be leaving them in my older age as to not slow down the group during the apocalypse.

8. Could you recommend a great book – maybe a novel or even something based on your hobby?

See above.  Kidding aside, Of Human Bondage has my heart.

9. Stay in, or stay out?


10. What’s your pick-me-up? (or is that a pick-you-up)

Well I would hope it would be baking, otherwise this blog is a complete waste of time.

11. What do you think will be the next food craze?

Probably that whole raw thing, that’s been flying under the current for a while now.

I’m new to this whole wordpress thing so hopefully I picked people who actually have less than 200 followers, I apologize if they don’t.

Here are the blogs I have found so far (it’s a work in progress):

Food Challenge: Accepted
Honour Thy Tummy
Foods for the Soul
Churros ‘n’ Chai
Lavish Life
Tere Maailm
Grub Blog
Country Spoon

My questions for my nominees:

1. Would you rather live as a squatter but be passionately in love with someone OR get a million tax free dollars each year but your love life will be cold and empty?
2. Would you rather have no legs or no arms?
3. You are an alien from a distant planet–what is your name and what planet do you hail from?
4. Astronaut or caveman–who wins?  No, the astronaut doesn’t have fancy laser beams and the caveman doesn’t have a club.
5. You are an evil genius, where is your secret lair?
6. What do you have protecting said lair?
7. If you could spend one night in bed with any historical figure who would it be? For those of you all lovey dovey with their significant other you can change this to “have to.”
8. You can only eat one food item or recipe for the rest of your life (it magically gives you all your necessary nutritional content), what is your dish?
9. You suddenly go color blind but it’s a special color blind, one that allows you to only see one color and all its shades, what color do you see?
10. If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?
11. You can only listen to one record for the rest of your life, what is your album?